Melomacarona – a Greek Christmas treat

Зборот „меломакароно“ е составен од „мели“ што е мед на грчки и макароно…па што е коренот на тоа?

Apparently, it is an ancient Greek word used for a slightly macabre purpose. Macaria, in ancient Greece was a type of spiced bread served when somebody died. A way to pay respects to respects to the soul of the dead. The recipe and consistency of it was very similar to the modern cookie minus the honey.
So what about the Italian “macaroni” and the French “macaroon”? The Romans followed by the Italians adopted the word into “macaroni” referring to the well-known pasta while the French used it to name the almond cookies! I guess it always sounded good.

So honey macaroons it is then for the Greek treats and it seems to be an accurate name!